We are a family run business who adore anything vintage, and even more so weddings! I’m Lynne and I run the studio, I meet with the brides and help them choose their dress that they have always hoped for – it’s just as good as it sounds, honest!

Each and every bride is as special as the next and listening to their wishes and dreams alongside their other wedding plans is always so exciting, each wedding is so different and it’s lovely to be able to see the brides enthusiasm and creativity for the day they have been planning. I have been running the studio for three years and realised that all the beautiful dresses I have sourced over the years are only being shown to a small audience, I wanted to share them with the world and I know people from all around are looking for vintage wedding dresses!

This is why An Amazing Find has been created and developed so we can show all you beautiful brides our dresses from yesteryear. The dresses are sourced and hand picked from all over the world, I then wash and steam them as some of them are over 50 years old, they do need some love and care! If they need any alterations or repairs, we have a fabulous team of seamstresses who can work wonders – we have even been able to take two vintage dresses and make them in to one stunning one…..anything really is possible. Following on from this we decided to re create some of our vintage finds into our own collection, this allows more flexibility with sizing as well as making bespoke dresses for our fabulous brides.

I always say the dress chooses the bride and not the other way round so you really will know when you choose the right one. My biggest word of advice I can give, is go and try as many dresses as you can to get an idea of shapes, necklines and sleeves and then start looking for dresses that suit your shape. I am always happy to help with any advice you may need as we are very relaxed and friendly and to be honest I am a hopeless sales woman. I just want you to find the dress of your dreams and I am hoping we can help.